Valentiny Writing Contest 2019

I’ve had so much fun with the Halloweensie contests, I’ve decided to take a stab at the Valentiny contest created by Susanna Leonard Hill!!!



Here’s how it works – to enter you must write a kid-friendly Valentine related story in 214 words or less in which someone feels guilty.

For the full list of rules click here.

If you didn’t enter, I still encourage you to check out the entrants. (Click here to read the other stories.)

Here’s my entry:


(139 words)

I made you each a valentine,

a crafty thing I do.

Construction paper, stickers, bows,

with glitter, paint, and glue.

I made you each a valentine.

Exciting and unique.

I took my time and planned them out.

They took about a week.

I made you each a valentine

and packed them nice and neat.

I hugged them tight, got on the bus,

then tucked them in my seat.

I made you each a valentine,

so giddy I could shout.

The party’s almost underway.

It’s time to pass them out!


I made you each a valentine.

But, please don’t make a fuss.

It seems I made a big mistake –

I left them on the bus!

I made you each a valentine.

I’m sorry they’re not here.

The good news is, Bus Driver Bill

will get a bunch this year.


~Thanks for reading! Kelly

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38 thoughts on “Valentiny Writing Contest 2019”

  1. Oh this is just lovely! You did a great job with rhyme and meter (something I’m working on myself). Love the repetition and the resolution, too!

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