2020 Valentiny Contest

Hello everyone!

Susanna Hill is once again hosting her awesome Valentiny Contest. This year, the story must be about curiosity. For rules, details, and a chance to read all of the other amazing entries, please visit:

Here is my entry:


I wonder what they taste like.

The Hug Me heart looks good.

My mommy says, “Don’t eat them.”

My tummy says, I should.

I smell True Love and Kiss Me,

then give Be Mine a lick.

I chew up Smile and Soul Mate…Yuck!

I think I might be sick.

I wonder why they make them,

those pretty hearts I ate,

to give to someone that you love

…or someone that you hate.

I hope you enjoyed and HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!!!


From Susanna Hill!

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